2nd Infinity Game Day Vienna – The ITS Event has passed and it was great fun!

The next Infinity ITS Tournament has passed here in Vienna on Saturday 7th July 2018!

(Here is the ITS link: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/3b2960051-2nd-infinity-game-day-vienna)

It was loads of fun playing the missions. In total 14 people joined and I’m really happy our neighbours from Hungary joined the party! But first I want to thank all the helping hands for making this day possible with providing the location (Imbadice), providing terrain (Emperorsaistone, Blade Runner, Nathelis, Imbadice, Acheron and System_Override) and for helping to set them up. Also a big thank you to Nici for making the pictures 🙂 Hope I did not forget anybody 😛

Even lots of prices were waiting for the players in the top ranks. Moreover, we had the special Fair Play award again and the famous wooden spoon for the last place (It has to be mentioned here that the winner of the wooden spoon has a free entry for the next event)

What’s more, I introduced some additional achievements with this events (inspired by caption spud’s TAG Stomp).. the players therefore were able to score some side goals during their games.
If you are interested you can find it at the following link: GameDay Score Sheet_final

Here is a glimpse of the tables we had set up prior the tournament start:

Table of Nathelis


 Blade Runner

 Acheron & Nici


System Override



Absolutely stunning tables I have to say, I’m really impressed what our community achieved here in the past years!

So what were we facing that day? Three missions waited for the players to fight against their opponent in a very friendly and casual atmosphere:

  • Frontline
  • Supplies
  • Unmasking (my absolute favourite)

After several intense and tough battles and hours of exhausting gaming passed the rankings were clear!

Congratulations to Comr4de for winning this Tournament!

Here are the final rankings of this event:

Finally, we also made a picture of all players of this tournament:

From left to right: Bredar, Gwaernydd, Badlazzor, ZKRobi, Clank, Emperorsaistone, Imbadice, Sorbus, Nathelis, Yasashii Fuyu, Anrian, Tazzz and the proud winner Comr4de!

Thanks Branch for taking that picture!

In conclusion, this was a very successful event in terms of enjoying a day with playing Infinity and meeting great players from Austria and Hungary! It was a please to see & meet you!
Thank you very much and I really hope to see you all soon again in autumn!

Yours, Sorbus

P.S: If you want to see more pictures you will find plenty in this gallery 🙂




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  1. Awesome. I’m really sorry I missed out this time. Beautiful tables and miniatures! And Sorbus you’re the best ( pity you’re a panoceanian infidel 😉 )

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