1st Infinity Game-Day Vienna 17.03.2018 – A Summary

On 17th of March 2018 the first Infinity Game-Day of 2018 took place at the Sirengames store (http://www.sirengames.at/) in Vienna, hosted by the tabletop-club Wulpertinger (forum.wulpertinger.at)!

Summed up it was a great event, everyone had a blast and especially we had an overwhelmingly good atmosphere from the beginning to the end. On purpose, I did not use the wording of a tournament as my goal was to emphasize on keeping a casual atmosphere.

Even more, it was a huge success by means of connecting the Infinity gamers in and outside of Vienna. I was so surprised we managed to have 10 participants on board who shared a day playing and fighting through the missions J. It was great to visit new players, old friends and connect them to the Wulpertinger community.

Here are the Players:

  • Blade_Runner_007 – (NCA)
  • Branch – (Tohaa)
  • Clank99 – (Onyx)
  • emperorsaistone – (Hassassin Bahram)
  • Rotfuchs – (Corregidor)
  • Sorbus – (Vanilla PanO)
  • Strange(r) – (Vanilla Haqqislam)
  • Sword_36 – (Vanilla Yu Jing)
  • System_Override (JSA)
  • Yasashii Fuyu1 (ISS)

One point for improvement for the next events is definitely to have more playing time & breaks. Nevertheless, it worked out fine for this event.

We played three missions starting at 11am – finishing at 7pm

  • Mission 1: Deadly Dance
  • Mission 2: Highly Classified
  • Mission 3: Acquisition

I want to express at this point many thanks to all of you helping me out in order to prepare the Game-Day: System_Override & Snotl for renting me some terrain J and Branch for helping me setting up the game tables the day before the event!

So here are some pictures of the prepared tables:


The Tournament

Just the way I was hoping it would turn out… almost everyone fielded a TAG for the Deadly Dance mission 😛 Gorgos, Maghariba Guard, O’Yoroi, Jotum, etc. .. all those beasts were present and the commanders fought hard in this mission (i like to call it TAG-Wars :-P)

The pairing for the missions was decided randomly and we had quite nice surprises here 🙂

Mission 1 – Deadly Dance:

Mission 2 – Highly Classified:

Mission 3 – Acquisition:

Enjoy the pictures of the Event:

Tohaa (Branch) vs. NCA (Blade Runner) preparing for the assault

Panoceanian forces (Sorbus) deploy to face the grim Japanese Sectorials (System_Overrride)!

System_Override deployed a beautifully painted O’Yoroi… too bad my Jotum blasted it away 🙂

Rotfuchs is studying the mission rules while his opponent Clank deploys his Onyx forces

Here comes the big one 🙂 Strange(r)’s Maggie!

Strange(r) and Yasashii Fuyu enjoying the battle (at least one of them :-P)! => Check out Yasashii’s Blog – hes a very gifted writer (https://thegentlewinter.wordpress.com/)

Emperorsaistone and Clank counting victory points!

System_Override and myself (Sorbus) having fun with our TAG’s 😛

Onyx forces of Clank advance in cover

Rotfuchs‘ shows his muscles by fielding 2 TAG’s

The Gorgos of Commander Branch attach some more Aliens!

Nothing escapes the eyes of an Aquila Guard (Blade_Runner)

Beautifully painted drone by emperorsaistone

Yasashii Fuyu has to place a few wound markers besides his Hsien

The Result

So after several hours we managed to finish the event – all exhausted but satisfied.

Congratulations to Emperorsaistone for the first Place!

Here is the ranking from our tournament:

System_Override won the magical spoonbut as well a 10€ gift certificate for the award of the fair player!

I still have to add we had no unfair player 🙂 but nevertheless, System_Override earned it well!

Here are the prizes:

Thanks again to all participants it was a blast! I enjoyed the beer afterwards a lot with you and can’t wait to see you in July at the next event 🙂



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  1. Once again thank you very much for the awesome Event! I seriously had a blast and hope I’ll be able to participate in the next one! 🙂 Very nice pictures as well by the way…though I feel like I took the „Just look stupidly happy“ advice I was given as we took the photo a bit too far 😛

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