Infinity League – Sorbus vs. Rotfuchs

a battlereport from the front…

„If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.“
–Sun Tzu

So on Tuesday 4th September i had a very pleasant gaming night together with Rotfuchs. We finally managed to get our league game going! The mission was „Highly Classified“ … no seriously that’s the name 🙂

The open classifieds were:

  • Extreme Prejudice
  • Telemetry
  • HVT: Inoculation
  • Reconstruction

Rotfuchs came with his Nomad forces opposing the good guys… of course PanOceania 🙂

Although Rotfuchs denied me rolling for initiative with a d6 – i somehow managed to win it.. and of course I chose the first active turn… but also had to deploy first.

A view captured by drones of the hexahedron from the battlefield:

The deployment of commander Sorbus preparing for a crushing first strike

Some intel view of the invading Nomad forces:

Nomads on the right flank
and Nomads on the left flank… but there were some hidden troopers

But i have a feeling the Nomad deployment did have some difficulties…

That trooper needs to improve his infiltration skills!

Turn 1 – Sorbus

It had to be quick – It had to hurt… that was for sure.. there is no other way in dealing with Nomads. But there was a Sniper with a very good view over the battlefield..

Nisse Sniper takes out the Nomad Sniper

It was like a routined surgery… the Nisse Sniper took out the Nomad Sniper ignoring his camouflage thanks to the MSV2.

As the firelane was cleared, I thought it was a good idea for my Peacemaker to burn some enemies down… but i made that calculation without the hacker… My peacemaker ended up immobilized

Luckily my Croc man forward observer revealed and managed to target 2 enemies… thus scoring the first point.

My orderpool was depleted very fast and i did not manage to do a lot of damage… so i was left to hope for the best whatever was now coming…

Turn 1 – Rotfuchs

For some reason, Rotfuchs wanted my croc man gone who was located in his deployment zone, hehe. But not that easily!!!

The first attempt… the Nomad trooper was not able to hit the Croc man on point blank range. Disbelieving his luck the Croc dropped a mine 🙂

That mine did not stop him from trying again… this time the croc dodged away and the mine went off… the Nomad held still for a brief moment – he was still alive!

The duel continues…

But the poor Croc Man ran out of his luck… the fierce Nomad obliterated him… but there was another mine… „Kaboom“ both were gone.

Rotfuchs also managed to revive the sniper on the shipping tower… but his/her aim was not that good and he was shot down by the Nisse again. This time the Nisse made sure he wont get up again by sending him a sweet double tap.

Turn 2 – Sorbus

Now back to the original plan…. killing some Nomads 😛

Out of the blue an Akhalis Sikh commando dropped out of the sky… but failing his landing roll. His dispersion took him direktly in LoF to another Nomad… and he alerted his friends… but they didn’t care 😛

Akalis Sikh sprays the Nomads with bullets

The Sikh Commando furiously covered the three Nomads with bullets… clean, surgical he took out all three of them

Not forgetting to secure the area

But the orders for the Sikh changed… he had to advance to one of the unconscious troopers to Coupe de Grace him… he pulled out his knife and  did as he was ordered.. and the second open classified was completed

Coupe de Grace

I thought that was it… but it wasn’t 😛

Turn 2 – Rotfuchs

Rotfuchs was close to retreat… but not entirely.. so a spectre revealed playing a funny hacking game…

Instead of my units, Rotfuchs targetted the HVT successfully fulfilling his private classified objective.

But three orders were gone fast and so he handed over to my last turn

Turn 3 – Sorbus

Without targets, i could only try to burn the repeater and so I did… the Auxilia went into the warehouse and burned the spectre plus the repeater…

The End

So the game ended with Rotfuchs in retreat.

I scored 6 OP, Rotfuchs scored 2. When the game was finished I had 247 points on the table and he 67.

Thanks again for this fun and pleasant gaming night! Hopefully it won’t take us 1 1/2 years to play again 🙂

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