Wienfinity – 10.11.2018 – Austrian ITS Tournament

Welcome readers, to this years summary of the Infinity tournament „Wienfinity“ – (

This event took place on 10th November 2018 in Vienna – to be precise I was able to host this tournament at the WOW/Keepers club (thanks again for the support) – the location was perfect! (For anyone interested it happened here:

So where to begin… first I would like to express my special thanks to everyone who attended to this event (14 players total!). It was great to meet new people and to see friends again.. it was you all who made it a special day by playing with exceptional fairness so we all had lots of fun games and a great time! 

This time we had guests from the Czech Republic and from Croatia (Really awesome you made the travel to Vienna!)

Here is an overview of the particpants:

In addition, many thanks to Corvus Belli, Microart Studio and Art of War studio who supported this event with an awesome price pool:

But that was not all… There were giveaways made by yastera only for this event… just look at those gems (only chance to win them is on the future Wienfinity’s 🙂 )

Made by Yastera – a masterpiece!

Now to the agenda.. Three missions waited to be played on that day – selected to guarantee a brutal carnage between the players armies!

  • Round 1 – Capture & Protect
  • Round 2 – Frostbyte
  • Round 3 – Biotechvore

Of course the tables were readily prepared (Thanks to help by Nici, Acheron, Bladerunner, Snotl & Rotfuchs):

After several battles it was clear… Our guests from the Czech Republic dominated the battlefield!

Congratulations to Alri and his TAK forwinning this tournament!

Yastera made it to the 2nd place with his Aleph Operations

Closely followed by Barrin and his ISS.

The wooden spoon also found a new owner – congratulations to tom0184 (yes this is a free entry for my next event 😉 )

As it was customs there was also a fair-play award handed over… the winner was Snotl. I have to admit this was not an easy pick as the atmosphere was throughout perfect and each participant deserved that award. 

Last but not least, we also had an award for best fully painted army… Nathelis wisely chose Alri to be the winner. Alri, not only known for being a player of outstanding sportmanship declined this price as he already hit the jackpot. therefore this award was given to Snotl.

Here are some pics of those fine armies:

Alri’s TAK
Snotl’s PanO

Of course everyone is interested in the winners lists so here they are 😉 (hope Alri can forgive me 😛 )

Summed up, it was a great event with lots of exciting battles. Now the time begins to practice even more and face the next tournament 🙂

Finally here are some hand picked pictures from the event with some beautiful armies:

Thanks to Acheron, there is a huge Gallery – you can find all pictures at the following link (caution: it really is a lot!)

Thanks for reading and see you soon @Wienfinity!

Yours, Sorbus